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Effective 090726


"We" as pertains to this page (document) refers to  "ADBIRDS DESIGN & MARKET INC.", 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd. Bldg 4, Suite 104 Austin, TX 78757 (herein referred to as "ADBIRDS"; and,

"You" as pertains to this page (document) refers to the USER or Visitor, or any shopper reading this Privacy Policy or using this web site known as "AdBirds"; and,

This Agreement is subject to change without notice. Advertisers using this website are required to read and understand this agreement each time an advertisement is posted.

WE provide this posting service for Registered Users and Visitors (consumers) in many cases FREE of charge; and,

We recommend and assume LOCAL pickup of all items ordered from SELLERS, -especially and without exception, "FIREARMS" or other items subject to Federal, State and Local regulations; and,

We are NOT responsible for the performance of any agreement between any USER (SELLER) or Visitor (BUYER) utilizing this SERVICE; and,

We have provided as a service to all users, the utility to use checkout systems of other companies as an option for SELLERS, yet WE do not partixipate in transactions using those systems; and,

AdBirds is a trademarked*1  User-Posting website owned by “The AdBirds Company” (herein referred to as “AdBirds”); and, a Registered-User Community, wherein Registered Users (herein referred to as “The USER”) defined as “People” (natural persons) and “Persons” (also defined as Incorporated Businesses(or sole proprietorships, or partnerships, etc.), and / or charitable nonprofit organizations (or Charities) may post information herein referred to as “Content” in form of images, text or other media owned by the registered USER, for advertising purposes; and,

The USER AGREES to abide by the Rules defined in this User Agreement and on content pages dedicated to explaining AdBirds policies; and,

The USER warrants content posted by he or she is owned by the USER and; as such, that the USER will not post COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS which he / she does not lawfully OWN or have explicit written permission from the OWNER to use or post on the AdBirdssm web site ; and,

The USER and AdBirds agree to abide by the following Rules, wherein we -The ADBIRDS ONLINE USER COMMUNITY are;

FAMILY-FRIENDLY, CHILD-SAFE:  ADBIRDS is a family - friendly web site that/who/which will not allow or tolerate slander, libel, threats or pornographic content, lewd references or information, images of genitalia or sexual acts, or general nudity, or links to other web sites displaying such materials; and,

WILL REPORT THREATS AND REMOVE MATERIALS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: The USER and AdBirds will cooperate to remove offensive materials and notify law enforcement when unlawful materials are found on the AdBirds web site; and, AdBirds has provided a method for users to notify AdBirds management when they find offensive or illegal materials or copyright violations, or other content that is outside the Rules as defined herein; and, when notified or upon discovery by AdBirds management, such materials will be removed as soon as possible; and, appropriate measures will be taken such as blocking the offender’s account, notifying law enforcement agencies, or notifying the offender that the materials were in violation of the User Agreement; and,

SUPPORTIVE OF CHARITIES: THE ADBIRDS ONLINE USER COMMUNITY is supportive of charitable organizations serving more than one person, helping the community, endowments for arts, feeding the poor, medical facilities serving the disadvantaged, mission support or school fund-raisers such as for booster clubs, medical research, or areas defined by the topic areas in the Nonprofit Organizations classified headers and / or further defined in content pages posted by AdBirds; and therefore,

AdBirds gives free upgrade capabilities such as FREE expanded and unlimtied ads for such efforts and organizations, as well as allowing free links to their organization web sites from any ad posted by a registered user on AdBirds; and,

AdBirds encourages users to tell their favorite charitable organizations about this powerful fund-raising advertising media available to them at no cost whatsoever; and,

SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL GOALS, General Statement: AdBirds as a for-profit company has commitments to social and environmental responsibility, wherein we develop and otherwise provide tools to help members of the community at large help each other, promote charitable contributions to local and national organizations, and save fuel by shortest-distance search results (we call this “Smart Shopping” and say; “List Free, Shop Smart, Save Gas!”). Any user, - private, business or charity can list items for free. Those items can even be inventory brand items and services so that any business listing on AdBirds is a little greener by enabling our shortest-distance search results. This puts local and national businesses on a level playing field, and lets you advertise free, or upgrade your ads at competitive costs; and,

FREE BASIC ADVERTISING LIMITATIONS: As we give away much, we also operate for a profit; so, to enable these operations we have elected to publish ads by affiliates listed with major brokers; and,

AdBirds also earns revenue by selling premium capabilities at very competitive rates; and,

AdBirds is not responsible for information posted by any user or on websites published under separate affiliate publishing agreements, nor is AdBirds responsible for damages or losses due to performance or lack thereof by any other Party; and,

The USER recognizes the right of Force Majeur owned by AdBirds in event of web site outages, events beyond control of AdBirds and / or USER shall not hold AdBirds responsible for down-time due to normal site maintenance or acts of weather, civil insurrection, etc.

The USER understands the Advertising Period purchased is for calendar period only, not “total time”; and,

LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER: The USER states he / she has read and understands every word of this USER AGREEMENT; and, will consult an attorney for explanation for legal interpretation at his / her own expense PRIOR TO POSTING if there is any lack of understanding regarding this USER AGREEMENT.

We reserve the right to modify or change this User Agreement at any time, without notice.




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